About Us

We provide traders with real-time actionable statistical data

Leveling the Playing Field

For years, large hedge funds have been using massive amounts of historic pricing data and computing power to make calculated, statistically beneficial trades for themselves. Most individual investors don’t have access to the same level of computing power and data, leaving them unable to benefit from statistical information. WallStreetOdds is changing that. We take care of all the big data crunching to help put the odds on your side.

How Do We Help Traders?

Our statistical model helps traders answer the 3 key questions every trader should ask before making a trade:

  1. What are the odds this trade turns out profitable?
  2. How much money can I reasonably make on this trade?
  3. How much money can I reasonably lose on this trade?

Why Use WallStreetOdds?

Traders have a lot of investment options to choose from. We make deciding what to trade easy in two ways:

  1. Helping you prioritize your trade ideas by providing real-time return odds on the stocks/cryptos you are evaluating
  2. Helping you generate trade ideas by providing you with our “Top Odds” stocks - Stocks that have historically performed the best following price moves equal to the price move the stock has experienced in its most recent trading day

How Do We Calculate The Odds?

Our statistical model analyzes the historic daily return patterns of stocks/cryptos using data going back to 2010. For each stock/crypto, odds are calculated by looking at how the stock/crypto has historically performed following occasions where the stock/crypto moved an equivalent amount to what it moved today. Full explanation here.