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We provide traders with real-time actionable statistical data

How Do We Help Traders?

We continuously create new unique data sets that aren't available anywhere else as well as power tools for efficiently analyzing these data sets. This provides traders with a growing number of opportunities for creating trading strategies that have an edge.

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Leveling the Playing Field

For years, large hedge funds have been using massive amounts of alternative data and computing power to make calculated, statistically beneficial trades for themselves. Most retail traders don’t have access to the same level of computing power and data, leaving them reliant on the same popular data sets everyone has access to. WallStreetOdds is changing that. We are on a mission to provide retail traders with the largest number of unique data sets available. However, to protect the exclusivity of our data, we will cap our Premium User base at 10,000.

The WallStreetOdds Story

Alejandro Barreto, CFA

Sergio Barreto

WallStreetOdds was founded by two brothers Sergio and Alejandro Barreto. Sergio and Alejandro had professional careers in Investment Banking, Financial Technology, Corporate Development, and Financial Advisory before dedicating themselves to helping traders through WallStreetOdds.

Both brothers had been trading on their own when they decided to embark on a journey together, to improve their trading success. Early in their journey they realized their trading success was dependent on finding or having access to data that other traders or institutions were unlikely to have. In order to create and analyze these unique data sets, they learned to code software and created a model that would calculate the statistical risk and reward properties of any stock (Real-Time Odds data). With the software in hand, they decided to modify it into a product that would make it easy for any trader to prioritize trades based on statistical analysis. And so, WallStreetOdds was born. Now both brothers are focused on helping their Premium Members by creating as many actionable unique data sets as possible.